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Alpine Running

Mountain Endurance Training

Sharing the experience of the mountains

* Training Camps

* Personalized Training plans

* Guided Runs


Personalized Training Plans

Build the strength, endurance and breath capacity to accomplish your mountain endurance goals.

Custom training plan durations:

  • 90 day

  • 6 month 

  • 1 year


Guided Alpine Runs

Pricing depends on location, the  objective, time to complete, and group size. 

*Contact for pricing

Private Programs

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(Steven Glodowski, Practice Guild  Mountain Athletics founder)

I've been incredibly fortunate in my life to have been constantly surrounded by wise and strong people, whom were kind enough to impart to me some of their methods of practice. Their influence is a constant inspiration on the continuous journey of cultivating my own practice. As such it's my wish to be able to be an inspirational presence of joyousness in the lives of all those around me.


I founded the Practice Guild out of the joy and inspiration that I've received from running in the mountains exploring their wild places, through the exploration of body movement, and from their inseparable connection.


The Practice Guild was founded to share the experience of the mountains, in the spirit of fast & light. Providing a place for people to go where they can explore their physical and mental boundaries while being in the company of others who are in the same pursuit.


The wilderness is an ideal place & teacher for exploring our humanness. As it will strip you of everything that is nonessential and expose all of our weaknesses and short comings. But in this process our strengths will also be revealed. And it's from this place of seeing our situation clearly that we are then able to move forward with skillful decisiveness in the cultivation of all good qualities.


All this can sound heavy, but it's really not. As the essence is simply practicing joyous equanimity. Everything else is merely a tool/toy that we use for this purpose.



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“My religion is not deceiving myself.” 


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